Support available for UK-wide Powell & Pressburger season

Supporting Scotland’s film exhibitors to take part in a UK-wide celebration of Powell and Pressburger.

This autumn we’re diving into the cinematic universe of Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, whose creative partnership in the 1940s created some of the most stylistically ambitious, thematically rich, subversive, and sensual British films ever made.

Conceived by the BFI and delivered in partnership with FAN, Cinema Unbound is the greatest celebration yet of this extraordinary duo of filmmakers.

Powell and Pressburger not only transformed British cinema, but the vast, subversive, and seductive creative universes they created has gone on to influence the world of cinema and popular culture. Backed by a UK-wide press and marketing campaign, the Cinema Unbound season will provide numerous entry points into Powell and Pressburger’s work for a wide range of audiences.

Members of Film Hub Scotland’s exhibitor network – including cinemas, festivals and community groups – are invited to take part in Cinema Unbound by delivering events that celebrate the work and legacy of Powell and Pressburger.

There are three ways to get involved with Cinema Unbound:

  • Screen titles from the curated Film Menu: access up to £500 (£125 per film) for audience development and wraparound activity costs.
  • Develop your own Bespoke Project: access up to £15,000 to create an events programme that engages audiences in your local area.
  • Develop a Cross-FAN Project: access up to £15,000 to create an events programme that tours across the UK.

More information and application guidance can be found on our Cinema Unbound: The Creative Worlds of Powell and Pressburger page.