Two people stand on a stage at a film event. The person on the left has brown hair and is signing using BSL. The person on the right speaks into a microphone.

Widening Access and Inclusion Online: Marketing & Screenings

At a previous Access Forum, we hosted two sessions led by Charlotte Little and Helen Wright to help you to make your websites, social media and online screening activity accessible to more people.

Session 1 led by Charlotte Little: Focus on Website and Social Media Access.

Charlotte Little of (Freelance Accessibility Consultant and consultant at Matchbox Cine) detailed free and effective ways to can make your website and social media content more accessible to more people.

Download the Digital Accessibility Resources PDF here.

Session 2 led by Helen Wright: Online Access for Screenings: Learnings from SQIFF 2020.

Helen Wright (then SQIFF programme coordinator) spoke with with Charlotte about SQIFF 2020 about considering the difference between online and in-person screenings, and how to make online screenings accessible.

Download the Online Access for Screenings – Learnings from SQIFF 2020 presentation here.

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