Family and Young Audiences Film List

We have teamed up with Film Hub London to create a list of engaging family films and where you can find the rights to them.

The BFI’s Screen Culture 2033 Strategy has shifted the priority audience age from a focus on 16-30 year olds to a focus on under 25 year olds which therefore now includes families! The lack of independent films for families in UK distribution means that families are used to digesting mainly what Hollywood has to offer.

We believe that diversifying taste in your youngest audience members will reap benefits further down the line when they return to you as independent young people. However, we realise that programming for families beyond the mainstream can be time consuming when it comes to appropriate and relevant title selection and then of course, sourcing the rights.

About the Resource

The Family and Young Audience Film List accompanies Family Programming Beyond the Mainstream which highlights additional places, festivals and organisations that family programmers most rely on.

This is a living resource, so will continue to be updated.

Please do get in touch with Film Hub London if there are titles you would like to be added or if you have more up to date licensing information.

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