A white background with the text 'Advocacy Skills for Accessible Screenings, A webinar to explore how exhibitors can advocate for standardised, accessible screenings, Charlie Little (she/they), matchboxcine.com'

BFI FAN: EDI in Focus – Advocacy for Accessible Screenings

BFI FAN: Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in Focus is a new series of webinars for UK film exhibitors.

The first edition, Advocacy for Accessible Screenings, hosted by Access Consultant Charlie Little (Matchbox Cinesub), explores how exhibitors can advocate for standardised, accessible screenings and provisions.

Using examples of exhibitors across the UK who host descriptive subtitled screenings, Charlie discusses the different approaches, tools, and language you can use to create a standard of high-quality and reliable accessible practices within your own film screenings.

The session covers topics including:

  • the value of reliable, high-quality descriptive subtitled screenings;
  • the current cinema provision of descriptive subtitles;
  • audience statistics and audience development;
  • the present industry and mainstream attitudes toward descriptive subtitles

To join upcoming BFI FAN: EDI in Focus sessions, please visit the Bigger Picture.

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