In Dreams are Monsters. A hand is seen clipping the nails of a chimpanzee's hand.

In Dreams are Monsters: New BFI Horror Season opens to applications

Where will your darkest dreams take you?

The horror genre is among the most expressive. It is our modern mode of folklore, which indulges our wildest imagination; it finds form for our base fears and deepest desires. In the cinema, we explore what it means to be human. Programming in the horror genre gives us a chance to get stunningly creative, while providing a space for real audience connection.

Running October-December 2022, In Dreams are Monsters will be a major UK-wide film and events season, charting how the monsters of horror have evolved, and made physical the anxieties and social issues of their times. The season will explore the genre’s radical, politicised nature and imagery. It will be structured around five key archetypes, each informing a different flavour of horror.

Major Programmes, a XFAN initiative led by Film Hub Midlands, will offer up to £15,000 to cinemas & other exhibitors to present original, ambitious events that celebrate the genre. Screening support for up to £500 will also be available for smaller projects.

An ICO touring menu will be available, commissioned by Major Programmes. This menu offers six titles with subsidised minimum guarantees which reflect the BFI Southbank programme.

For more information on the open call, the season’s creative brief, the ICO tour, and how to apply, please visit the Major Programmes website. Applications close 29 July, 2022.

The BFI will soon announce the full season programme, which includes the BFI Southbank programme, discussions, and immersive events, BFI Distribution titles, UK-wide events, and more.

If you have any questions about the season, please get in touch with Major Programmes Manager Manon Euler at