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Film Hub Scotland’s New Promoters Scheme Returns

Venues can still apply to the third edition of the New Promoters Scheme!

This is a unique opportunity for four exhibitors from across Scotland to create positions for emerging film exhibition talent from backgrounds underrepresented in the sector, due to race, gender, age, class or disability.

A 3 day/week placement over 4 months is offered to participants at real living wage. The New Promoters will curating films programmes and publicise the accompanying events. Event costs, host organisation overheads and living wage of the New Promoter are covered by Film Hub Scotland funding.

10 organisations and 12 participants have successfully undertaken the programme over the last two years. 

Participating organisations have commented that: 

“Both our organisation and the New Promoter benefited greatly from this opportunity and found it fitted in well to our organisational structure, complemented our team, and provided a unique opportunity for an emerging curator”.  

“Really loved working with our New Promoter. Super talented individual and great team member. Also great that there was a budget to go towards their events”.

Listen to a conversation with Tanatsei Gambura, a New Promoter from the 2020 edition, here.

Want to sign up?

Express interest here by 12pm, 4 March, 2022.