Marketing Focus Day, Film Hub Scotland. An Image shows a hand resting on a notebook.

FHS announces Marketing Focus Day programme

Film Hub Scotland is delighted to present an event dedicated entirely to marketers.

Our members are invited to send marketing staff to join us at MacRobert Arts Centre, Stirling on Wednesday, 25 May, 10:00-16:00.

Created by the Hub in partnership with Mustard Studio, this free day of sessions will provide a valuable networking opportunity while also sharpening skills.

Sessions will be delivered by Kate Gerova (Strategic Creative Director, Mustard Studio), Delphine Lievens (Head of Distribution, Bohemia Media), Sandra Kinahan (Marketing and Communications Coordinator, FHS), and the rest of the Hub team. We also welcome a guest video contribution from Lucy Jones (Executive Director, Comscore).

Participants will learn tools for the intelligent use of data, and for targeting new audiences. A day away from the office will also provide headspace for you and your team, to help you face new challenges with fresh ambition. Read the full programme below.

Decision-makers and wider teams are welcome. These sessions may be most useful for cinemas and established film festivals, especially those undertaking new Screen Scotland Recovery Fund or other audience development projects. However, it is open to all Scotland-based film exhibitors (including non-FHS members).


Throughout the day, we’ll consider the positioning of audiences through the full sales>distribution>cinema>audience pipeline. How can we work in harmony with the full process, and use information to our best advantage?

10:00-10:40 | Coffee & Welcome

10:40-10:55 | Comscore Presentation

Lucy Jones (Executive Director, Comscore) presents a round-up of the latest national audience data, to set the tone for the day. What does national data mean for our own cinemas?

10:55-11:25 | Interpreting Data

Our guest distributor and data virtuoso Delphine Lievens (Bohemia Media) will lead us through the process of positioning a film in the market – B2B and B2C.


11:40-12:25 | Tracking Down your Audience

What data is readily available? How can we harness this to reach our desired audience? How can audience segmentation help us?

12:25-13:00 | Data-driven Film Release Workshop 

In teams, we will strategise a film release which targets a particular audience segment, using our learnings thus far.


13:45-14:40 | Brand v. Release-Specific Marketing

Often, we focus our marketing on the films. How can we engage returning audiences with our unique cinema experience?

This interactive session will guid you to reflect on, and develop, your brand story. Moving on from national data, we’ll consider the impact of your own audience data. How can we use this to promote our brand values, and to measure our success?

14:40-15:25 | Customer Experience

This session will give you a strong framework for creating a cohesive customer journey. We’ll learn about the principal tenets of UX and audience personas, guided by Mustard Studio’s expertise. We will target user-friendliness, access, and how we communicate our brand through all channels—digitally and in person.

15:25-15:40 | MacRobert Arts Centre Case Study

Our host venue will share their own experience and brand development plans.

15:40-16:00 | Discussion and Conclusions

Questions? Provocations? Big-picture thinking? In this session, we will evaluate our learnings and establish our next goals and milestones.

There will be time at the end of the day for further discussions with your peers.


Each organisation may send up to 2 employees or freelancers.

If you have any questions about the day, please contact us at Please let us know about any access requirements in the registration form, and we will do our best to meet your needs and comfort.

Join us:

Register here by Monday, 23 May.

Mustard Studio is a business and brand consultancy service with unique experience in the cinema sector. Based in London, key clients and partners include cinema exhibitors, distributors, festivals and film organisations. They also continue to work with Film Hub Scotland on Amplify for Festivals, a practical business development programme, following the successful Amplify scheme for cinemas in 2021.