A group of film exhibitors sit around a table, working through a discussion of access.

FHS Access Forum: Dementia-Friendly Screenings

Registration is now open for the next FHS Access Forum, dedicated to dementia-friendly screenings.

Film Hub Scotland’s popular Access Forums provide a space to learn from experienced voices in accessible cinema.

On Thursday, 13 October, we’ll gather to discuss the social value of dementia-friendly film screenings and the practical considerations they require.

We’ll hear from individuals who work with established dementia-inclusive screening programmes, including:

  • Caroline Farquhar, Social Development Officer at Montrose Playhouse, who have engaged thoroughly with their community in the development of their Back to the Future programme, connecting with local social workers, GPs and wraparound care.
  • Nicola Scott, Community Engagement Coordinator at Glasgow Film Theatre. GFT’s ongoing dementia-friendly programme, Movie Memories, has had huge success in connecting with their community. Read a full report on Movie Memories here.

The Access Forum will centre discussions of programming, the needs of audiences with dementia, and the importance of staff training and comprehensive community outreach.

We encourage members to think about their own capacity to host dementia-friendly screenings, though direct experience is not required.

Register here.

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