Widening Access and Inclusion Online: Marketing and Screenings

Two sessions led by Charlotte Little and Helen Wright that will help you to make your websites, social media and online screening activity accessible to more people

Matchbox Cineclub: How-to Captioning

As part of the Film Hub Scotland Access Forum, Matchbox Cineclub has run ‘how-to’ sessions on how FAN members can make their programmes as accessible as possible.

SQIFF Accessibility Guide

The Scottish Queer International Film Festival (SQIFF) have produced the Deaf and Disabled Accessibility Guide, intended for use by film exhibitors who want to embed Deaf and Disabled access into their work.

Anti-Racism and Inclusivity

BFI Diversity Standards

The BFI Diversity Standards are a contractual requirement for all BFI funding, including fiction and documentary films funded via the BFI’s partners.

Inclusive Cinema UK

Inclusive Cinema is a UK-wide project developed by the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) designed to support screen exhibitors. Together, we celebrate diversity on screen, in the audience and behind the camera.

Inclusive Cinema: Dismantling Structural Inequality in Your Cinema

A practical guide for improving the experiences of POC audiences, staff and filmmakers – and other intersections including gender, sexuality, disability, income and class.

Governance and HR

BFI Guidance and Principles for Tackling Bullying and Harassment

Full details of the principles and guidance for tackling and preventing bullying, harassment and racism in the screen industries commissioned by the BFI and supported by organisations across the UK.

BFI Dignity at Work Policy Template

A template policy to be adapted for companies, productions and festivals to compliment the Guidance and Principles to tackle workplace bullying, harassment and racism. Please download and adapt this policy for your organisation.

UKCA: Coronavirus Awareness Training

The UK Cinema Association and the sector skills agency ScreenSkills have launched an online e-learning module and assessment test around COVID-19 for all those working in cinema exhibition.

FAN Guide to Safeguarding

The BFI FAN Audience Network have created a guide to safeguarding for film exhibitors. This includes definitions, tips for working with both children and adults, how to create code of conduct policies and much more information on how to create a safer environment as a film exhibitor.

Research and Reports

Film Hub Scotland End of Year Report 2019-20

Our EOY Report 19/20 covers the period April 2019 - April 2020, and provides an overview of our funded activity, member support and development, and programming activities with our membership.

Mapping Film Exhibition in Scotland June 2016

A report into public screening facilities across Scotland, based on research conducted by Drew Wylie Ltd for Creative Scotland.

Starting Out

Vimeo OTT How-To by Aaron Guthrie

Queens Film Theatre Belfast developed the QFT Player using Vimeo OTT as a way to stream content including theatre and films. Aaron Guthrie has created this brilliant video guide to using Vimeo OTT yourself. 

FAN Guidance for Community Cinemas and Non Theatrical Exhibitors

With venues starting to reopen and films coming to the market, the Film Audience Network have compiled a document covering the most important questions, opportunities and considerations if you're thinking of showing films again soon.

ICO Guide to Cinema Marketing

The ICO (Independent Cinema Office) created this free resource to help cinemas and anyone working in film exhibition think more strategically about their marketing and communications.