Film Hub Scotland’s Bursary Scheme is designed to enable staff of member organisations to enhance their professional development for the benefit of themselves, their organisation and the wider FHS network. Read about how some of your fellow members have used their bursary here!

Bursary Proposal Form

Who can apply for a Bursary?
Staff (paid or voluntary) of organisations that are members of Film Hub Scotland. 

What kind of activity can a Bursary support?
Activities that will enhance your professional development and benefit your organisation. This can include attending training courses, conferences, screenings and visiting other organisations for ‘go and see’ trips. This can also include online training and attendance of virtual festivals.

A bursary can cover fees, travel and accommodation costs.

How much can I apply for?
Between £50-£500 per bursary application.

Members may apply for multiple bursaries throughout the year however this is capped at £500 per organisation. Parent organisations e.g. a venue and a festival, will only be eligible to apply for £500 in total. Where demand for bursaries exceeds available funding, discretion will be applied.

How will applications be assessed?
Decisions will be based on eligibility and supporting information supplied.

Priorities for support: new applicants to FHS’s Bursary Scheme; and previous bursary recipients who apply to participate in new activity.

We are unlikely to support: a previous bursary recipient to take part in the same activity more than once; and more than one person per organisation to participate in a particular training opportunity. However, if you can make a strong case for support in these circumstances your application will be considered.

When do I need to apply by?
Applications can be made on a rolling basis. You must apply three weeks before your activity starts to allow enough time for your application to be assessed. Bursaries cannot be granted for activity that has already started.

If my application is successful, how do I access bursary support?
You will be reimbursed following the activity on the production of a Bursary Feedback Form or blog post for, Expenditure Claim Form and relevant receipts.

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