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FAN Innovation Lab: Young Programmer Blog

Film Hub Scotland and the ICO ran a residental lab across 31 Jan – 1 Feb 2019, bringing together venues from across the UK with a focus on sharing, learning and developing ideas around young audiences.

Phoebe Orsmond, Youth Forum Representative from Storyhouse in Chester, reports back from the lab.

Being a representative for Storyhouse at the Film Innovation Lab was an extremely rewarding experience for me, though I attended the event as a ‘Young Programmer’, programming is something I have had little practice in apart from the Storyhouse Young Programmers course. I found, that it was tremendous fun to talk to professionals from various arts industries and learn how they successfully target their audiences and what opportunities they can provide.

The aim of the event was for venues to investigate how to attract audience members of the 16 to 30-year-old target market, who  may often choose mainstream cinemas chains such as Vue, and exploring how to encourage young people to branch out into the unknown and explore venues that programme fantastic independent cinema content.

As a Drama and English Literature Joint Honours student my goals for my future are to stay in those fields, whether through teaching or professional practice. I usually just say if asked that I want to try and stayed linked to the art forms in whatever career path I follow. However, before attending the lab I had not properly considered the possibility of pursuing a career in an arts venue as a marketer or programmer before. I really believe that the event allowed me to see that working for an arts organisation as an interesting and realistic pathway in my future.

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