Cross-FAN: Member Support and Development

Film Hub Scotland is the BFI Film Audience Network (FAN) lead on cross-FAN member support and development and works closely with delivery partners on FAN’s year-round UK-wide programme of activity designed to enhance the confidence, capability and knowledge of FAN members. MSD supports or leads in the delivery of: 

This Way Up Conference:This Way Up is the UK's conference for innovation in film exhibition; a two-day event packed full of ideas and debates to inspire and enlighten, provoke and challenge. Each year, it brings together exhibitors from across the country and throughout the sector to connect with one another, learn from industry colleagues and share their thoughts on film in the UK today.

Advice Sessions: FAN Advice Sessions offer Hub Members FREE access to broad range of knowledge and experience within the cinema exhibition industry.

Innovation Lab: 2020’s Innovation Lab offered a two-day residential training with a focus on Engaging Audiences of Colour. Participation will be in pairs of organisations with a commitment to work together on at least one project: a BAMER-led organisation and a partner film exhibition venue organisation

National Training: Working with the Independent Cinema Office, MSD develops and delivers the FAN- wide training offer. In 2020 this includes: 

  • FEDS 2020: A ground-breaking scheme designed to give newcomers to the film industry the ultimate head-start. Offering a ten month long paid traineeship in the film exhibition sector, as well as mentoring and industry expert advice.

Distributor Slate Days: Distributor Slate Days is a major industry event for distributors and exhibitors. It takes place annually, building stronger links between distributors and exhibitors and showcasing a range of exciting upcoming theatrical releases.

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