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FHS Bursary Scheme 2016/17


We’re offering bursaries of £50–£500 to the staff of member organisations to participate in activities that will enhance their professional development. This can include attending training courses, conferences, screenings and visiting other organisations for ‘go and see’ trips.

The bursaries will cover fees, travel and accommodation costs, and decisions will be based on eligibility and supporting information supplied. 

Members may apply for multiple bursaries throughout the year however this is capped at £750 per organisation for the financial year 1 April 2016 – 31 March 2017. Parent organisations that operate more than one member exhibition outlet, eg a venue and a festival, will only be eligible to apply for £750 in total.

Applications can be made on a rolling basis, please allow 3 weeks for your application to be assessed. To apply please download the FHS Bursary Application Form below and email it to carolyn@filmhubscotland.com.

FHS Bursary Application Form 2016-17

Photo by Damien Wootten

Ongoing, allocated on a rolling basis

Apply for between £50-500

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